Abris d'auto en bois massif - Carport Knowlton - de Mecky Elegance
Stand alone modern prestige carport Mecky Elegance
Waterloo Prestige
Waterloo Prestige

Waterloo Prestige

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Waterloo Prestige - Abris d'auto moderne - de Mecky Elegance

Les abris d’auto, ou carports, représentent la solution idéale pour préserver la carrosserie de votre véhicule dans les pays nordiques.

Mecky Elegance vous propose les abris d’auto Waterloo Prestige, en charpente massive, qui ajouteront un aspect architectural et distinctif à votre résidence, tout en étant durable. 

Nos constructions sur mesure peuvent inclure le passage de câbles électriques non apparent à travers les colonnes pour le raccordement de votre véhicule ou pour de l’éclairage.

Nous accompagnons nos clients dans la conception de leur construction d’extérieur en bois massif avec notre service de design et de dessin.

Communiquez avec l'un de nos représentants des ventes pour discuter de votre projet de construction.

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Waterloo Prestige - Modern Carport - by Mecky Elegance

How about adding a carport to your house in order to protect your car from the element of nature all year long ! Mecky Elegance is offering you the Knowlton Gazebo, a full timber carport that will add a rustic elegance to your home.

Knowlton is designed and conceived to withstand the test of time.

We will be there for you along all the necessary steps of the making of your wooden Gazebo, from design with our Design team to manufacturing and installation.

We share our expertise with Noble Élément, our partner and leader in massive timber frame construction.

Mecky Elegance also offers a wide variety of wood species, all according to your taste and budget: Douglas Fur, Premium Hemlock Spruce, White Pine, other exotic species and even recycled red Cedar for those of you, who wish to go with an eco-responsible construction and for projects requiring a LEED Certification.

Our Gazebos are designed and conceived to withstand the test of times., from the design to the manufacturing of every timber part.

According to your taste, we will determine the top coat finish color, which comes with a 10 year warranty. 

Mecky Elegance also offers different roofing products, from asphalt shingles to architectural steel for signature projects.

Mecky Elegance : Designer of your dreamed Outdoor living space 

Specifications :

  • Custom dimensions
  • Wood Essence : BC Fur (Douglas Fur), Premium Hemlock Spruce, White Pine., Recycled red cedar, Exotic wood
  • Finish : No maintenance, ten years warranty.
  • Roof : asphalt shingles, cedar shingles, architectural steel. 
  • Installation is offered anywhere in the province with our reliable network of certified entrepreneurs.

Contact us so we can undertake with you a full design study of your project and help you get your Mecky Elegance Knowlton Carport